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‘Love is our birthright. Love is the fundamental necessity of our life. Do not go seeking for that which you are.’ – Nevile Goddard


Katya Kan is offering you an exclusive art performance, whereby she will be your virtual girlfriend for ONLY £30 pounds per 1 hour session or a discounted rate of £120 for 5 sessions. Mixing a variety of techniques to help you achieve your potential including LARP (live action role play) performance, my own art therapy techniques, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), creative visualisation inspired by Neville Goddard, Kenneth Soares, Marisa Peers and life coaching influenced by Louisa Hays. Sign up today for a complimentary session by emailing me your date, time and place of birth to An indiscriminate, confidential policy, where all orientations/genders/races and social statuses welcome! What do you get from it? Five one hour sessions and a free postcard or video of anything you like (except for self-harm) for starters. Through these sessions, we will work on your self-confidence and psychoanalyse why your past relationships worked and didn’t work. Please, only get in touch if you are in a stable, mental state. For every 5 day interaction you get 1 complimentary existing postcard and £10  extra video for an extra artwork/ video. Conceive, materialise, manifest! FYI – only use these services if you’re mentally stable please!

Review I:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 27 years old
Location: London, UK
Timespan: 2014-2019
'I first met Katya when I was
18 and became fascinated
with her from the outset.
As we couldn't date 
physically due to our
circumstances, I signed up
for her virtual girlfriend
service. She helped me find
a direction in my career 
thanks to her headlong
commitment to her art and
inspired me existentially
and philosophically. I owe 
so much of my success to
her insight, and am deeply
grateful that she gave me 
this opportunity.'
Review II:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 79 years old
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Timespan: 2016
'Katya stayed with me for an
art residency, where I taught
her vital painting skills. I'm
inherently a polygamous
person with a lot of charm.
As Katya was not interested
in dating me physically, as I
already had a 22 year-old
girlfriend and she is a very
self-sufficient person, she
offered me the virtual
girlfriend instead. This 
wonderful exchange carried
on even after her residency, 
and we exchanged some 
cheeky photos and 
philosophical debates. Highly
Review III:
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 18 years old
Location: London, UK
Timespan: 2017
'I came across Katya's artist profile on the Tinder dating app, which she held open to men and women for marketing purposes. Katya offered me a terrific dating service in the lonely metropolis that is London today especially for the LGBT community. I've always had a fetish for Eurasian girls, so Katya helped me live that fantasy after a history of constant rejection by bi-curious, bisexual and straight girls. I'd definitely recommend Katya for any cyber girlfriend service be it romantic or erotic.'
Review IV:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 34 years old
Location: London
Timespan: 2018-2019
'When Katya came to my art event in my Soho home, I could instantly feel her magnetism. Being an autistic artist, who has difficulties with women, I was too shy to ask her out, so I signed up for her virtual girlfriend scheme. As we're both artists, we exchanged romantic binary code messages and fun cartoon postcards. Although I would've liked to have some physical company, I was content that Katya had the kindness and generosity in her to offer me this cyber interaction instead. I still have feelings for her and follow her feed. The virtual relationship with Katya has inspired me to be more audacious with women and my art in general, so I definitely endorse it.'
Review V:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 39 years old
Location: Los Angeles
Timespan: 2018
'I initially met Katya when she strolled into my gallery in Boyle Heights, LA. I immediately felt a connection to her. Katya helped me reignite the spark that was missing from my 10 year marriage. By enabling me to do regular cyber masturbation sessions, where I could fully release my erotic projections on her, she made me realise the importance of fidelity, which I now value more than before. She definitely helped me reconnect with my principles. I highly advocate her services especially for virtual sexual pleasure satisfaction!'
Review VI:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 42 years old
Location: London
Timespan: 2017-2020
'I met Katya as she got involved my art initiative. Straight away, I became fixated on her abounding electromagnetic energy, travelling with her to Miami Basel and the Other Art Fair. Although I have a girlfriend and two autistic children, I could not get Katya out of my head, so she offered me the virtual girlfriend service. Katya helped me work through some issues in my life such as my alcoholism and drug problems and introduced me to the art of Vipassana meditation. We had our squabbles, but it was a deeply purifying experience for my sinful life overall. Although I'm not fully rid of my sins even today, Katya has put me on the path towards redemption. Her virtual girlfriend service, which I completed for 3 whole years, was like a cleansing crucible and everyone should get a piece of it!'
Review VII:
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 60 years old
Location: Los Angeles
Timespan: 2019
'When Katya approached me regarding exhibiting at my gallery, I was slightly sceptical at first as she seemed young and inexperienced. Although I couldn't include her work in my Miami Basel exhibition, I was very much enthralled by her proposition to be my virtual girlfriend. All my life I've had a fetish for Asian women. Unfortunately, my first wife died from cancer and I divorced my second one as I was a heavy womaniser. So, dating Katya virtually actually helped me reconnect with my 9-year-old half Asian daughter and to become less macho in my approach towards women over all. I come from a boxing Bruce Lee background, where the misogynistic approach is predominant, and with Katya's help I have now gotten rid of my former limiting, chauvinistic paradigm.'
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